JUMP Workshop: "Digital transformation: How to turn risk into opportunity for gender equality"

Digital transformation:
How to turn risk into opportunity for gender equality

26 March 2019 • Proximus Lounge • Brussels


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Are you ready to take charge of your career? The JUMP Forum combines a full-day of learning with international visionary speakers on plenary conferences, skill-building workshops for your personal & professional lives and networking facilities.

The JUMP Forum “The event for advancing gender equality at work” is the biggest single day event dedicated to boosting gender equality at work and advancing women’s careers.

What’s in it for you?

• Boost your skills through skill-building workshops designed for you
• Develop your network and increase your visibility
• Meet companies wishing to promote women
• Create your professional development plan
• Discover your own leadership authenticity
• Join a community of inspiring women

The JUMP Forum is simply a must if you are serious about developing yourself as a leader and a change agent understanding the reasoning behind gender equality in the workplace.

Isn’t it time to invest in you? Ask your company to pay for your participation fee using their budget for training (did you know that a woman spends half of a man’s budget per year for professional training?). If they refuse, invest in yourself then and come along to meet other ambitious and open-minded leaders and managers.

Programme (under construction):

  • Skill-building workshops :
    • Reimagining your personal brand for the digital age
    • Adopt a strategic approach to your career and navigate the unwritten rules at work
    • Build your authentic leadership skills for today’s diverse and fast-moving worl
    • Build your influence and network through social media
    • Helping women to negotiate their worth
    • Dual careers: managing the paradox of flexibility at work
    • Digital detox
    • Reinforce your energy and confidence in period of stress
  • 4 conferences :
    • Building an inclusive digital economy & corporate culture
    • How to win the race for women in digital
    • Making digital more human: challenges and opportunities in a world transformed by tech, artificial intelligence and hyper-connectivity
    • Women are heroes
  • 2 toolboxes for gender equality
    • Recruiting & retaining women in digital professions: creating a gender-smart culture
    • Seeing with new eyes: understanding privilege and invisible culture


+ Professional photo shoot
+ Mobile app for better networking

View the full programme here: http://jump.eu.com/forums/brussels/
The Forum is a multilingual event (English, Dutch, French).



Tuesday, March 26, 2019 - from 9.00 to 18.00 – Proximus Lounge
on: http://jump.eu.com/forums/brussels/

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